This Eye Shape Is Considered The Most Attractive

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are some facial features that can generally be agreed upon as universally alluring and desirable. Whether this is due to cultural conditioning or evolutionary factors, or a combination of the two, it can't be denied that certain characteristics are simply aesthetically pleasing, like full lips, sculpted cheekbones, and — you guessed it — almond-shaped eyes. Almond eyes are oval shaped with a slightly upturned outer corner and often a prominent inner corner. Essentially, they're the shape of an almond turned horizontally and the iris of the eye meets the upper and lower eyelids.

Almond-shaped eyes have that striking element of mystery and while beauty comes in many forms, the general consensus is that this shape is highly attractive. According to a 2024 poll by StrawPoll, almond eyes received over twice as many votes as the most attractive eye shape than the runner up, round eyes. If you're trying to figure out your eye shape, determine whether you can see the whites above and below your irises. If you can't, you probably have almond eyes. And while, once again, beauty is subjective, the reason why almond eyes are considered so appealing might come down to some historical, cultural, and scientific factors.

Almond eyes have long been a standard of beauty

You might think that big eyes are the most attractive, as they have an essence of youthfulness, but size isn't everything. Shape tends to be more important when it comes to the allure of the eyes (even though almond-shaped eyes can be large). Read: Alexandra Daddario and her stunning, icy blue eyes, which are both almond-shaped and big. Almond eyes have a defined, balanced curvature, and it's this symmetry that might be responsible for much of their charm. Facial symmetry might indicate a strong genetic makeup, as well as health (however, a 2014 study published in The Royal Society disputes this theory). But facial symmetry can indeed be impacted by unhealthy habits, like smoking, which could be why we are more attracted to a balanced face from an evolutionary standpoint.

The desirability of almond eyes could also be pinned to a prolonged societal exposure to them as a standard of beauty, dating all the way back to ancient art. The dark eyeliner we see in ancient Egyptian depictions might've been used to protect wearers from the sun's glare but could've also steered beauty standards. "The more I try to understand what the Egyptians themselves understood as 'beautiful,' the more confusing it becomes, because everything seems to have a double purpose," Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley told BBC. "When it comes to ancient Egypt, I don't know if 'beauty' is the right word to use." Regardless, the almond eye shape and smokey liner that accentuates it has long been associated with divine Egyptian queens like Cleopatra and Nefertiti and remains a standard of beauty.

Almond-shaped eyes allow for easy eye-makeup looks

Considered feminine and dainty, almond eyes often lend themselves to a sense of facial harmony. They're associated with a coy, seductive nature, which sometimes leads to people seeking an elective eyelid surgery called canthoplasty or "cat-eye surgery" to obtain this coveted shape. However, if you're not one for unnecessary surgery, there are makeup techniques that can create the illusion of a more almond-shaped eye. These include the iconic smokey eye, cat eyes, and, of course, winged eyeliner — which can be easier said than done. These eyeliner looks also happen to complement almond-shaped eyes best. But just about any eye makeup trend will simply soar on almond-shaped eyes. 

Emma Stone, Margot Robbie, Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, Amber Heard, Mila Kunis, Alexandra Daddario, Zendaya, and many other celebrities have almond-shaped eyes, making their faces some of the most pleasing canvases for makeup artists to work with. "Eyelid space can vary but almond-shaped eyes usually don't have an endless amount of room like you would see on a more rounded shaped eye," professional makeup artist Shanie Crosbie told L'Oréal's "Almond-shaped eyes are the best type in creating a winged liner look, so have fun with it."

The symbology behind almond-shaped eyes

According to the ancient art of face reading, which is thought to reveal character traits through facial features, those with almond-shaped eyes tend to be compassionate, kind, and charitable  — which certainly checks out in terms of some celebrities with almond-shaped eyes, like the much-adored Angelina Jolie. Those with this eye shape might also have a propensity to remain calm and collected in the face of difficult circumstances and are naturally good at conquering whatever problems come their way. They're also said to be loyal, paving the way for strong relationships. If there's any truth to facial reading, these traits could be part of the reason almond-shaped eyes are considered the most attractive.

Those with almond eyes may not divulge their true feelings on a matter right off the bat and some might even consider them to be mysterious or a bit too hard to get to know. But undeniably, there's something intriguing and magnetic about the almond eye shape and the symbolism behind the cat-like feature is just as alluring. If you have almond-shaped eyes, chances are you're aware of their magnetism and have been complimented on their beauty time and time again. So, psychologically speaking, those with almond-shaped eyes might carry themselves with more self-confidence as they're conscious of the perceived desirability around the feature. And we all know that confidence boosts appeal and attractiveness.