Less Is More With Spring 2024 Pedicure Trends

It's that time of year again when the first signs of spring finally break the lull of a seemingly never-ending winter. As nature shakes off the icy remnants of the previous season, the longer days finally bring us a step closer to sunny spring weather. All the nail salon regulars know what this means: It's time to schedule that long-overdue pedicure to ensure your soles are baby-soft and your cuticles are neat before pulling out the sandals. For the spring of 2024, look forward to classic seasonal shades, including white and pink, but with a focus on sorbet pastels, natural nails, and minimal designs.

What's more, the go-to trend of the season calls for a test of loyalty to a single pastel polish. As opposed to the more mercurial pedicure habits of the past, expect to see more people wearing one signature shade or design. "This spring, I've been seeing clients wanting their pedicures to showcase a pop of color," celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann tells Bustle. "I have also noticed many picking a specific color that suits them and sticking with that same shade throughout the season." There is much to look forward to this season, so prepare for your upcoming pedicure with these spring-inspired shades. 

Pastel pink is bringing balletcore back

Powder-pink nails will always remain a classic springtime shade. The barely-there hue of a soft pastel pink stays true to the minimalist manicure trends of 2023, including the popular quiet luxury pedicure, which focused on pale-pink hues, chic glitter, and subtle designs. To adopt this look, ask your nail artist for simple jewel cuffs or tips to finish off your minimal pink polish. This shade is also an ode to balletcore, which is trending again in spring 2024.

Sky-blue nails

Step out of your shell this spring with a solid baby blue. Or, consider a more unique shade of blue, such as robin egg or a more blue-gray hue. "Many tend to be more playful with their pedicures, and I think we will be seeing an unexpected increase in blues during the warmer months," Deborah Lippmann shares with Bustle. "Pastel blue is the perfect addition to your toes."

French-tip pedicures are a salon-favorite

French manicures and pedicures never fail to enhance one's elegance, so don't be afraid to opt for this much-requested salon classic as your signature springtime look. You can also upgrade your standard French tips for a fresh take with spring-themed micro details, such as cute floral patterns, which you can easily paint yourself by following the TikTok nail art hack.

White nails make a statement

When it comes to white nails, you either love 'em or hate 'em. However, even the haters must admit that they leave a bold impression. White nails are an undeniably common request at the nail salon once spring rolls around, so take advantage of the minimal-centric trend of the season while you can. Look for a bright white or perhaps experiment with a milky off-white shade to mix it up.

Petal-soft purple

Lean into the easter egg colors this spring by reaching for pastel purple. A pink-purple lacquer is universally flattering — not to mention adorable — and ticks all the boxes for this season's layered trend. For instance, soft lilac pedicures embrace this season's colorful shades while remaining natural and understated. "Lighter tones feel appropriate as the weather warms, but a soft purple adds a fun pop of color and is a little unexpected," celebrity nail artist Sarah Chue told The Zoe Report.