The 'Blush Sandwich' Technique Gives Your Makeup The Perfect Natural Flush

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If you've never thought of your makeup application as making the perfect sandwich, you need to start — especially when it comes to blush application. That is, think of applying blush as layering products to achieve the yummiest-looking makeup. You can't just stop at one layer, or your sandwich isn't one at all. This is what makeup artist Nam Vo's "blush sandwich" technique is all about.

This technique is aptly named and consists of applying your blush in two steps — in other words, you're meant to create a sandwich of sorts with your foundation and blush applications. In doing so, the layering technique will create a flawless finish and guarantee lasting rosy coquette cheeks. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? All you need to achieve the look is foundation, a cheek stain, and a powder blush. "This blush sandwiching technique is going to make you glow from the inside out," according to Vo, who shared the hack with her followers on Instagram.

How to do the blush sandwich technique

This technique is one of the easiest you'll come across, and it gives you some seriously glowy results. But don't jump straight in with blush. Instead, make your first layer the obvious one — an even base of foundation. First, you'll want to choose the right foundation for layering if you don't want a heavy, cakey finish. Nam Vo, the brains behind this particular blush technique, uses a cushion foundation to create a dewy base before applying any blush product. This being said, any foundation with a natural and glowy finish will do, as long as you blend it well with a wet beauty sponge. 

Then, Vo goes in with a jelly cheek stain and quickly blends this in with her fingers. (Tip: Any cream or liquid blush works fine.) Once this layer is blended, Vo advises sandwiching these products with another layer of foundation for a creamy, dreamy finish. "The blush looks like it's coming from under the skin," she says. Finally, she sets all of this with a shimmery powder blush for a 'sun bask,' glowy-gliz makeup look. And though Vo was the one to give this technique a name, it is by no means an unpopular approach to blush application. Experts at Charlotte Tilbury recommend that people with oilier skin set their creamier blushes with a similar shade of powder blush to help the product stay on the face for longer.

How does it compare to other approaches?

Even though this interestingly named technique is great for anyone who loves the glowy makeup look, others might find its finish a little too dewy for daily wear. And even if you like the dewy look, you might be searching for something more natural and less layered. If this is true for you, don't worry — there are other techniques that will give you better results and the look you're hoping to achieve.

One alternative to the blush sandwich technique is to apply an even layer of liquid or cream blush over your foundation and then set this with powder if needed. Plus, cream blush is more blendable than a lip and cheek stain (like Nam Vo uses for her sandwich technique), and achieves the most natural finish. According to celebrity makeup artist Emily Cheng, "The product offer[s] skin-like texture, and can be translucent while still pigmented" (via InStyle).

If matte makeup is what you're used to, powder blush should always be your go-to. But if you're doing the one-and-done powder blush approach, always apply your blush on top of setting powder. As makeup artist Nick Lujan told Byrdie, "If you skip the powder step, your powder blush can potentially stick to oils or a wet spot, creating a blotchy application."