The Rich Mom Aesthetic Is The Even More Sophisticated Evolution Of The Quiet Luxury Trend

The quiet luxury trend has been coveted by fashionistas everywhere for a while, especially since Taylor Swift adopted the style. The pop star's tastes as of late tend toward no apparent logos, perfectly tailored clothing, and elevated basics. Then, there's the mob wife aesthetic, which is in-your-face fashion paired with lots of gold jewelry and a faux fur coat. Somewhere in between lies the rich mom aesthetic, where you'll see high-end staples like cashmere sweaters and designer jeans while rocking a YSL purse.

According to TikTok user averagerichhousewife, the three key elements to achieving the rich mom aesthetic are accessories, a handbag, and well-fitted clothing. "Make sure that you're always wearing accessories ... Some sort of accessory will always level you up," she shared. And, while your handbag doesn't have to be designer, it should be cute and match your look. "Clothes that fit your body and frame. Now I know that a lot of us like to be trendy but not everything is made for everybody's body," she advised. "You can wear loose-fitting, but loose-fitting fitted to your body," the content creator added. The great thing about the rich mom aesthetic is that you don't need to have kids to rock this trend. So whether you just want to elevate your look or you're a mom who wants to look gliz during pick-up time at your kids' school, here are some inspirational ideas on how to look expensive.

High-waisted jeans are a staple for the rich mom aesthetic

Whether you're into mom jeans, dad jeans, or are proving that skinny jeans aren't dead no matter what TikTok says, a pair with a high waist is a must. To look more "mom" and less Gen Z, make sure the legs aren't too baggy or tight. An elegant sweater crop top is perfect for the look while throwing a large blazer over the ensemble adds some polish. Instead of a handbag, sling a matching fanny pack over your shoulder for your chapstick and phone.

Add one designer item to your outfit

Quiet luxury is all about hiding labels but rich moms don't mind flashing a logo or two around. A designer handbag is the perfect opportunity for you to subtly tell the other moms on the playground that you value the finer things in life, while an otherwise laid back 'fit makes you approachable. And, the larger the tote, the more snacks you can fit in.

Your rich mom wardrobe should include a neutral-colored blazer

One of the best ways to style a chic blazer is with a classic pair of slim-fitting blue jeans and a simple white tee. You'll look like a boss mom while not compromising your comfort at the same time. Slip on a pair of low-heeled shoes to make it easy to run errands and drive to your next lunch date. A quilted handbag is a staple in any rich mom's collection, so make sure you put yours into the rotation.

A monochromatic look is super chic

A one-color scheme is common with the rich mom aesthetic, and you'll see a lot of neutrals. All black everything is super chic and very New York City elite. Keep your look elevated with a button-down shirt and a pair of black trousers. Add some stiletto heels and you'll have instant boss energy. A rich mom never leaves her home without her oversized sunglasses, which add just a touch of mystery to your style.

The rich mom aesthetic always incorporates basics into an outfit

A simple cotton turtleneck may seem basic but it's all in how you wear it. You can style your tired old turtleneck for a brand new look by tucking yours into a pair of blue jeans and then slipping on a strand of pearls over your neck. There's nothing that screams rich mom aesthetic more than pearls, after all. Don't just stop there — rich moms love to pile on jewelry so add a pair of diamond studs. Even if they're faux, no one has to know.