The 'Rom-Com Bob' Is The Movie Star Way To Do Short Hair

Romantic comedies have always had a certain impact on fashion and beauty trends that other genres often do not. The references to Kate Hudson's yellow gown in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" will never end (nor should they), and Anne Hathaway's 180-degree transformation in "The Devil Wears Prada," from frumpy to trendy, proved to be more of a lesson in fashion-industry knowledge than anything else — cue the cerulean monologue. The authority of the rom-com influence doesn't stop at just clothes — it also extends to hair trends. More specifically, let's talk about bobs, baby.

The rom-com bob is the haircut of your wildest romantic daydreams. Derived from the variety of bobs in the romance-focused movie genre — from Reese Witherspoon's sweet girl-next-door take on the classic bob haircut to, most recently, Ambika Mod's effortless curly-haired bob seen on her at the beginning of Netflix's "One Day" — this blunt yet textured chin-bob cut is ready to be revived in real life. If you need proof, look at the movie stars currently loving the look. Think of Ayo Edebiri's flirty and bouncy bob which she rocked at the 2024 Golden Globes, or America Ferrera's bob and side-part combo. All your celeb crushes are doing it, so why not follow suit? Who knows; you might even find yourself living your main character moment in the rom-com of life. We have five examples of the cutest rom-com bobs to serve you as inspiration for your next haircut (do it for the plot!).

Layers upon layers

If your idea of a bob is a short haircut with minimal movement, think again. That version, also known as the "Karen" bob, is decidedly outdated. Instead, you'll be seeing bobs with playful layers all over to add texture and movement.

To get the look, make sure to show your stylist the right photos. Also, if you want space to experiment with this look and its added layers, ask for a mid-neck-length bob instead of chin-length. You can cut it to a rom-com bob, which typically sits at the jawline, once you're comfortable with your layers. 

Face-framing highlights

If you need more than just layers to feel confident in your new haircut, don't underestimate the power of face-framing highlights. Having lighter pieces along the sides of the face draws attention to your best features: sharp cheekbones, stunning eyes, snatched jawline. If your hair is thicker and denser, you can emphasize those front pieces by cutting curtain bangs instead, but if your hair is fine and thin, you can still highlight the face with lighter pieces.

Effortless elegance

The great thing about the rom-com bob is how effortless it is. In other words, it's the best hair for those who want to look put together without an intense styling routine; the jaw-grazing blunt cut itself is the statement. And if you ever feel like you're having a bad hair day (no hair style is completely immune, sadly) just throw on some hair accessories or use your sunglasses to shift some of the attention.

Sleek styling

That said, styling can enhance the rom-com bob if you want it to. You don't have to give up your sleek styles for this romantic cut. Just like any slicked-back hairstyle, a sleek bob can be done any day and for any occasion, formal or casual. Simply apply your favorite gel (or alternative sleeking product) and comb into place. And just a tip: The best day to try out this look is a couple of days after hair-wash day so you can wash any product off at the end of the night (or the next morning).

The curly bob

Who said rom-com bobs are for straight-haired girls only? Though many bob-sporting women out there happen to have straight hair, this cut can look just as good on wavy and curly hair.

Because curls come with their own texture and bounce — all the more enhanced by the rom-com bob — the best approach is to cut it down to longer than your desired length while the hair is wet. Wet hair is weighed down and straighter, making it easier to cut into an even length that will bounce right up to perfect bob length when dry.