9 Times Miley Cyrus Went Makeup-Free And Looked Stunning

In a world where makeup often serves as a mask, pop star Miley Cyrus is a refreshing example of authenticity. As her fans know, the pop sensation has long advocated for embracing every kind of beauty, which also means that she confidently flaunts her natural complexion whenever she feels like it. Ditching the makeup isn't just about revealing one's bare face — it's also about embracing vulnerability and celebrating imperfection. And for Cyrus, shedding the layers of makeup is clearly liberating and empowering, as we've seen her do it openly many times. 

By sharing with her fans that she occasionally skips makeup, the star highlights the importance of self-care and authenticity, showing that true beauty radiates from within. Whether lounging at home, hiking in the great outdoors, or belting out hits in the recording studio, Cyrus confidently embraces her bare face, proving that beauty isn't — and never will be — defined by makeup.

The pop star goes bare-faced in a Canadian tux

In a series of playful mirror selfies posted on Instagram on October 22, 2019, the pop sensation flaunts her style in a matching jeans-and-jacket outfit, serving us a Canadian tuxedo look. While accessorizing heavily with layers of necklaces and bracelets, Miley Cyrus opted for a fresh-faced, makeup-free look that complements her laidback vibe. With her natural beauty shining through, she confidently shows the world that, sometimes, less is truly more.

Bedtime selfies prove Miley looks stunning without makeup

Miley Cyrus often treats her fans to bedtime selfies, offering a peek into her nighttime routine, and this was no exception on October 21, 2019. The former Disney star has a knack for capturing the perfect pre-sleep moment, and each time she shares one, we can't help but marvel at her radiant, makeup-free face. Seriously, Miley, spill the tea on that glowing complexion! Whether it's her skincare routine or just good genes, there's no denying that she looks absolutely stunning au natural, including in her nighttime selfies.

Vacation Miley loves letting her skin breathe

During a September 2019 vacation, Miley Cyrus treated fans to a few adorable selfies aboard a boat, cuddling up with one of her furry companions. With the wind in her hair and a natural glow illuminating her skin, Cyrus looked every bit of relaxation incarnate. Clearly enjoying her time away from the spotlight, the star exuded a carefree vibe as she shared moments of joy with her loyal followers.

When hiking, the star rocks no makeup

Whether scaling mountain trails or exploring serene woodland paths, Miley Cyrus usually embraces the makeup-free look when hiking. In a series of picturesque snapshots captured during her hiking escapades in September 2019, the star showed off her sun-kissed glow. Besides, anyone who loves hiking knows that it can quickly become a sweaty endeavor, and nobody wants a sweaty makeup mess.

Recording music is best done with a fresh face

When she's in the creative sanctuary of the recording studio, Miley Cyrus' only focus is the music, which is why it's not surprising that she recorded some of her biggest hits with no makeup on her face. Stripped of makeup and adorned only with her passion for music, the singer can immerse herself in the art of sound and channel her emotions authentically. This is perfectly evidenced in a photo shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, on August 12, 2019. Plus, she showed us here that her hair transformation continues to be stunning no matter which style or cut she tries out.

Miley rocks no makeup when driving around with family and friends

Whether cruising with loved ones or caught by the paparazzi's lens, Miley Cyrus often rocks her makeup-free look out and about. These moments, like one of the "Flowers" singer with sister Noah Cyrus from January 19, 2019, capture Miley in her purest form without the need for embellishment. Of course, the pop star loves makeup and having fun with it, but she is also absolutely confident without it, as she should be.

Miley was often makeup-free on her show Bright Minded

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Miley Cyrus launched an IGTV series titled "Bright Minded." As she engaged in unscripted conversations with a diverse array of guests, including fellow celebrities, Cyrus often opted for a makeup-free look. Such was the case for a March 18, 2020, episode featuring Demi Lovato. In the midst of a global pandemic, Cyrus' choice to appear bare-faced resonated with viewers, reflecting the shared experience of navigating uncertain times during which most of us rocked barely any makeup as well.

The star isn't afraid to give us a glimpse into her makeup-free bathtub time

Miley Cyrus is known for fearlessly inviting fans into her intimate moments, even during bath time. On several occasions, including a video posted on X on March 23, 2022, she's shared glimpses of her makeup-free face while soaking in the tub. Whether capturing a serene moment of relaxation or simply striking a playful pose for the camera, Cyrus' confidence always shines through — and frankly, it's contagious.

The singer knows that sunglasses are an instant confidence boost (and a touch of lipstick)

Even though she's a queen of natural beauty, Miley Cyrus understands the power of simple accessories and a small touch of makeup to elevate her look. While she's often seen confidently embracing her bare face, the former Disney star knows how to add a touch of fun when the occasion calls for it. With only a dab of lip product and a stylish pair of sunglasses in a September 2023 post on X, she effortlessly enhances her natural beauty. 

Now that you've seen her best makeup-free moments, be sure to read up on Cyrus' stunning style transformation over the years.