'Memo Manicures' Are The Latest Whimsical, Wordy Nail Trend

Making a statement in an impactful, yet subtle manner has never been easier. Memo manicures are just what they sound like — a fresh, fun way to incorporate a message into your manicure. Sharing similar elements with the chic, personalized initial nail art trend, this craze is all about spelling out a word or two across your nails, whether via romantic fonts or bubble letters.

The memo manicure is easily applied to any nail shape or length and whether you're aiming to make an optimistic statement with a single word like "love" or perhaps a more cryptic and mysterious message of your own choosing, you have the space to do so with this whimsical, wordy nail trend. And the possibilities soar far beyond that. Beyoncé wore a memo manicure reading "unique" for the Renaissance Tour HTX Performance — with the letters painted to the underside of her long nails. So you can definitely add this one to your list of nail art trends that are bound to be everywhere in 2024

Pretty in pink

Once you decide on your memo for your manicure, you'll move onto selecting the perfect font, which may require some craftsmanship from your nail artist. "WOW! The talent! These are amazing! And I love the message so much!" one Instagram user commented on the trend. You'll also decide whether you want your message facing towards you or away from you in orientation.

Dynamic bubble letter that wows

Rather than dividing a single message over all 10 nails, you can also choose opposites to grace each hand. Love/hate is a prime example, adding some edge to the whimsical memo trend, and bubble letters only add to the charm. Obviously, the longer the nails, the more space you have for bigger and bolder fonts. 

A dreamy backdrop for dimension

Romantic lettering on an ethereal landscape makes for an extra captivating take on this trend. You don't need to overthink your message for your memo manicure; something sweet and simple will do the trick. Some patience will be required from both you and your nail artist to perfect the intricacies of some of the more complicated lettering if done by hand — although, it's likely no one would blame you for using decals or stencils.

Varsity nail art for cheer

If you're looking to celebrate your comradery, varsity nail art is the way to go. Your team or sorority will likely be head over heels for this cute memo manicure. Fill in the blank spaces with nail art designs, like emojis or symbols to represent your team and the bond you share.

Simple statements with a lasting impression

If you want to attempt a memo manicure at home, you'll want to be sure you have the proper tools and products, in addition to creating a good nail foundation — one of the keys to avoiding an at-home manicure mistake. Use a quality base coat and be sure to let each layer dry as you build up your manicure. If you're using decals to create your message, be sure to follow the instructions to create a smooth and even memo.