Aurora Nails Are Here To Glow-Up Your Glazed Donut Manicure

If you were head over heels for the glazed donut manicure, then an iridescent upgrade to the trend is likely right up your alley. Aurora nails are here to wow with their holographic middle and multidimensional glaze. Like a snapshot of bioluminescence in the ocean or the sky's northern lights, aurora nails give off a shimmering 3D image that's simply hard to look away from. This effect isn't achieved through a simple process, but the result is well worth the effort. "I created my look by layering foils in a multistep process," LA-based Korean American nail artist Mary Koh told Glizour. "Most importantly, I make sure the cuticle line is clean so that the design can take front and center," she said.

You may feel like you've seen hints of this manicure style before and your inkling would be correct. The trending aura manicure gives off a similar illusion — as do pearlescent oyster nails that shine like no other. The genre is opalescent scenes that capture traces of light, and if you're ready for another ethereal statement manicure full of mystery, aurora nails are the natural next stop.

Flame red aurora nails that wow

Giving a lit-up-from-within vibe, the aurora manicure uses different hues to create a nature-inspired holographic effect. While painting with blues and silvers might spark thoughts of ocean waves, opting for deep oranges and golds will paint a lava-like picture, making them an ideal option for the warmer months.

Neat and defined for added allure

The opalescent center of your aurora manicure can be a gradual blend into the rest of your nail color — or the pearly effect can stop more abruptly, making the iridescence all the more captivating. Using contrasting colors will also bring more dimension to your aurora nails, almost creating a sticker-like effect in the center.

A subtle and soft take on the trend

For a more subtle and soft aurora manicure, try a wispy iridescent center that fades gently into the surrounding nail bed. The whimsical style would make an ideal manicure for special occasions, weddings, and parties. The mood of this trend can be easily adapted, depending on your color palette and the intricacy of your design. You may be able to recreate a simpler aurora manicure on your own, as long as you avoid common mistakes in at-home manicures, like improper nail polish technique. 

Pearly aurora nails for added shine

An elegant and smooth iteration on the aurora manicure, these pearly, glazed nails catch the perfect amount of light at their center — both beautifully and effortlessly. Much like an opalescent oyster shell, this take on the aurora manicure trend has major seaside vibes. To sum it up succinctly, one Instagram user commented, "Noooo, obsessed."

Pearlescent pools that are swoonworthy

With an illusion of pearls and crystals thanks to its 3D effect, the aurora manicure has an otherworldly quality that can most closely be related to the sky or the sea. "Feeling like a mermaid," one Instagram user commented on the trend. Longer extension nails can be applied to make an even bigger impact and provide more surface area for the pearlescent pools that center each nail.