5 Times Jenna Ortega Went Makeup-Free And Looked Flawless

Known for her famed roles in "Wednesday" and the 2022 reboot of "Scream," Jenna Ortega regularly stuns fans in both full gliz on the red carpet and with fake blood in horror films. We also occasionally get a glimpse of the star sans any makeup at all. And, you guessed it, she still looks flawless. Ortega has spoken about her skincare routine and the importance of, well, having one beyond the basics. "I do a lot of horror films, and my skin cannot stand stage blood. I have instant breakouts every time. That's why I started doing more than the bare minimum with washing my face and staying hydrated," Ortega told Elle in 2022.

Of course, a nourishing skincare routine — even if you're a minimalist — isn't the only route to a glowing presence. The actress is a natural beauty with a captivating personality and makeup-free selfies prove that to be true. There have been at least five times when Ortega wowed with little to no makeup at all.

In promotion of her film X

Jenna Ortega posted this cute, quirky selfie in promotion of her film "X" in April 2022. The actress is wearing a cap and her charming freckles are visible without any foundation to hide them. "Gorgeous amazing talented beautiful fabulous woman," one fan commented on her Instagram photo, to sum it up perfectly.

Fresh out of the shower

Jenna Ortega shared this fresh-faced capture on Instagram in October 2021, showing us once again that she is a natural-born beauty. Her hair is damp from a shower and undone, and yet she still stuns — looking simply flawless. "That one time I showered and smelled good #smellynelly," Ortega captioned the selfie.

In a somber selfie

In a slightly more serious selfie from August 2021, Jenna Ortega shows us once again that you can, indeed, look fresh-faced without a touch of makeup. "You know, I wouldn't change anything about you, because you're incredible, the way you are!" one Instagram user commented on the selfie. Naturally, the star wins over hearts, left and right.

In a cute and casual getup

In a capture from December 2021, the star shows us that your skin can still glow when you ditch the makeup. Jenna Ortega rocks a cute and cozy getup, featuring a baseball cap and overalls. She wears her hair in a loose, messy bun and charms with a radiant smile.

During spooky season

The "Wednesday" star shared this cute and spooky photo of herself and a jack-o'-lantern on October 31, 2021. We don't have a full look at her makeup-free face, but we do get a great angle of those natural freckles. While Jenna Ortega certainly stuns with makeup, it's quite clear she also glows without much at all. She may potentially have a swipe of mascara on here, but the bare-skinned look is positively radiant on Ortega.