Fur Everything Is The Go-To Trend For Extra Glizour In 2024

With so many fashion trends emerging for 2024, it's hard to keep up. But the one craze train you'll definitely want to get on this year is all fur everything. We're not just talking about coats, although you'll want to have at least one piece of fur outwear to pull off the mob wife aesthetic. As reported by CNN, TikTok has caused a resurgence of fashionistas wanting to dress like their favorite "Sopranos" characters. "Mob wife is more of a reflection of the diminished meaning of trends and aesthetics," style forecaster Mandy Lee told the outlet. "We seem to be in this endless cycle of nostalgia for trends that were rooted in subcultures, values, and context."

Of course, you don't have to go the mob wife route. You can incorporate fuzzy details everywhere in your wardrobe, from boots to handbags. And, if you're not a fan of wearing real fur, there are plenty of faux and vegan options to choose from.

Bring extra drama with a long fur coat

There's nothing more glizorous than a floor-sweeping fur coat. We guarantee that when you walk by someone, they'll be wondering if you're some sort of VIP. A coat in a fun color like dusty rose adds a playful touch to your 'fit, but keep your allure going with a pair of stylish oversized sunglasses.

Leather and fur are our fave combo

If you're not into wearing all fur, why not choose a leather coat with some fur detailing on the edges? We love the mix of different textures, with the fur adding a soft touch to the shiny material. With a jacket this versatile, you'll be wearing it well into the spring.

A fur hat gives Dr. Zhivago vibes

Channel your inner Lara Antipova from the classic novel and movie "Dr. Zhivago" with a jaunty fur hat. You don't have to live in Russia during the First World War to pull this look off. Modernize your 'fit with some bright neon colors and sharp, sophisticated geometric sunglasses. You'll be looking uber cool while keeping your head warm.

Fur shoes are so unexpected

Up your heel game with a pair of fur shoes. We think shoes in faux cowhide are so adorable, especially when peeking out from under a pair of jeans. Or, you can dress them up with a little black dress to add some jazz to your 'fit. The little touch of Western wear is sure to wrangle in a lot of compliments.

A colorful fur purse is the accessory to have

When you just can't get enough fur, you can always find a way to add it to your collection with a fuzzy handbag. A purse in a bright shade like cobalt blue adds just the right amount of color if you're wearing a neutral outfit. For extra fun, dangle a matching fur charm from your bag for an updated take on the '80s rabbit feet trend.