Minimalist Watches Are Outdated - Here's What We're Replacing Them With

XXL jewelry is on trend for 2024, and watches are following suit. Minimalist watches are officially outdated, and quiet luxury pieces are being replaced with larger-than-life, loud, flamboyant, and maximalist alternatives. 

A watch is a deeply personal choice, and unlike other jewelry pieces, it serves a functional purpose beyond mere aesthetics. But currently, famous houses like Jaeger LeCoultre and Piaget have introduced timepieces that are more jewelry than practical watches. For example, their collections showcase the silhouette of elegant watch pendants to be worn around the neck, marking a clear shift from the sleek-lined and subtle watch trends of 2023. These extravagant timepieces, claiming the spotlight in 2024, not only showcase the artistry of watchmaking but also blur the lines between functional accessories and ornate jewelry. 

Watches are becoming true statement pieces that accent one's ensemble, transcending their traditional role as timekeepers and casting aside minimalist trends of yesteryears. From intricately shaped watches to watches adorned with sparkles and rhinestones or that double as fabulous bracelets, these are the timepieces we're loving now.

The mob wife aesthetic

The mob wife aesthetic is the new trend taking over TikTok, and the look would not be complete without a yellow-gold watch. Mob wives are never subtle in their ensembles, and the clean-girl allure is not their thing. Instead, they embrace the "in-your-face" extravaganza with flamboyant fashion choices from head to toe. So, it's only natural that the only watch suitable to complement the trend is a coveted yellow-gold watch that is anything but minimalistic. If you are looking to bring the mob wife trend into your looks, then this is the watch to wear. 

Intricately shaped watches

Ditch the minimalist watch and embrace intricately shaped alternatives that will instantly elevate your style and make heads turn. In 2024, we are seeing the resurrection of the famous Serpenti design by Bulgari. The snake-shaped watch has taken over Hollywood, and celebrities like Zendaya, Anna Hathaway, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas have been spotted wearing them. You can emulate the look with more affordable alternatives available online and add a touch of glizour to your ensemble without having to spend a fortune. 

Is it a cuff or a watch?

Is it a cuff or a watch? The dernier cri timepiece trends are blurring (and blending) the lines between practical wristwatches and statement jewelry pieces. Why wear a watch and a cuff when the new trend allows you to merge the two? Stunning, statement pieces fit to accessorize evening gowns and add pizzaz to any formal affair? Take our money.

The choker watch

Taylor Swift made quite the sensation when she appeared at the 2024 Grammys with a vintage Concord watch transformed into a stunning choker piece by the hands of famous jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. While the idea of wearing a watch on your neck laughs in the face of practicality, the allure is undeniable. Swift may have given rise to the trend amongst celebrities, but it was Rihanna who started it at the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week in 2023 when she wore a $700,000 choker watch. 

Everything that sparkles

Back in 1571, a watch — decorated with diamonds and pearls — was presented to Queen Elizabeth I. The essential accessory has come a long way since then, but since fashion trends return in a cyclical manner, we are seeing the rise of bejeweled watches again. Embellished with precious stones and everything that sparkles, the extravagant watch casts its minimalist counterpart into the shadows. Michele Yeoh pioneered the style when she was spotted wearing such a piece at the 2023 Met Gala, and we expect to see a lot more of it this year.