Beyoncé's Most Inappropriate Outfits That We'll Never Forget

There are many Beyoncé fans who think the pop star can do no wrong. After all, she's Queen Bey, a fashion and music icon dazzling music lovers with over-the-top shows and hits that just keep giving. However, when it comes to fashion choices, the "Run the World" singer has definitely had some misses. During her Destiny's Child days, she sported some questionable Y2K fashion trends — like those now outdated low-rise jeans — alongside the rest of Hollywood, but there have been plenty of other outfits worn by Beyoncé that made fans wonder what in the "Halo" she was thinking.

We know that Beyoncé isn't afraid of taking fashion risks, which means her sartorial selections are up for debate. While she has had many red carpet wins, such as the gorgeous red sequined dress worn during the 2017 Grammys, other looks were fashion missteps. Whether they were too risqué or just too blah for an event, we can't forget the moments Beyoncé failed to slay.

Beyoncé was dressed like a Boy Scout

The Boy Scouts' motto is to always be prepared, but we weren't "ready for this jelly" when Beyoncé and the rest of the Destiny's Child crew were inexplicably dressed as one of the Boy Scouts of America for the 2001 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Maybe the "Bills, Bills, Bills" singer was trying to set a good example for today's youth but we wanted this outfit to get lost in the woods somewhere. It looks like Beyoncé did earn some badges, although they were most likely not for fashion.

Beyoncé wore a wedding dress to the 2003 Golden Globes

We get that Beyoncé was just in her early 20s in 2003 and was still experimenting with her style, but her white floral embroidered gown for the Golden Globes had us wondering if she wandered into David's Bridal. Perhaps she was dreaming about her future wedding with Jay-Z and was inspired by this tulle gown. We're not slamming her for her taste, as it is a pretty dress, but it was more suited to walking down the aisle rather than the red carpet.

Beyonce's EMA dress is all tassels

The early 2000s wasn't a good time for Beyoncé, fashion-wise. While she was winning awards left and right, the pop star didn't win any for dressing like a fringed lampshade during the 2003 Europe Music Awards. The slashed silver looked like it better belonged on a showgirl in Las Vegas rather than in Edinburgh, Scotland. The strange panty-like detailing on the bottom didn't do Beyoncé any favors, either.

Beyoncé's 2013 Grammy outfit was way too casual

There's such a thing as too casual, especially for the Grammy Awards. This annual red carpet event is meant for artists across the board to show up in their most fashionable garb. Unfortunately, Beyoncé didn't get the memo in 2013 and showed up in a plain black and white jumpsuit. Even though we love a good trendy jumpsuit, there weren't even any sequins or embellishments to be seen anywhere. The look was more Ann Taylor than Alaïa, and it's mind-boggling why Beyoncé showed up in office wear when she was nominated — and won — for her song "Love on Top." Her outfit sadly, however, did not win.

Beyoncé was accused of cultural appropriation for Coldplay's music video

The music video for Coldplay's "Hymn for the Weekend" was beautifully shot in India but the garb that Beyoncé wore in her cameo raised some eyebrows. Clad in a sari and sporting mehndi on her hands, many slammed the "Naughty Girl" singer for cultural appropriation. The Times of India argued that Beyoncé was taking on the role of a Bollywood star, while real Indian actors barely got featured in the music video. Her outfit was just the tip of the iceberg in the problems people had with the music video, but it was enough to give her some bad press.

Beyoncé's feather dress was overwhelming

We get that feathers will always be all over the red carpets but Beyoncé's feather dress for the 2016 VMAs looked like it swallowed her whole. From the neck down, the sparkly silver gown was gorgeous. The "Deja Vu" singer opted for her classic sheer style, but the feathery neck detail clashed with the rest of her look and she even looked slightly uncomfortable while posing for the cameras.

Beyoncé's see-through dress at the 2023 Oscars afterparty

We know that the Oscars afterparty isn't such a formal event as The White House Correspondents' Dinner, but Beyoncé's sheer gold Dolce & Gabbana dress worn in 2023 left little to the imagination. She wore nothing on top under the dress apart from gold nipple covers and her bosom was there for everyone to see. We do applaud her for looking like a life-sized version of the Oscar statuette and the metal corset added some bling to her see-through 'fit, so she got points for that.