Blush Latte Hair Is Bringing A Rosy Touch To Your Blond For 2024

This year is bringing exciting changes to hair color trends, including an upgrade to 2023's now-outdated shades of blond. Instead, look forward to seamless and delicate blush blond features, enhanced by highlights, base dyes, and effortless balayages. "Hair color in 2024 will be low-maintenance and natural while [piquing] interest with a play on variations of 'color within the color,'" Chicago-based colorist Diana Mildice told Glizour. "This means we will see more dimensional blondes, reds[,] and brunettes that have unique visual movement created by layering various colors within."

More specifically, the blush latte look is ushering in a modern revamp of the classic cool blond by enhancing it with a dash of pink, creamy blond, and a hint of taupe. What's more, this à la mode hair color allows plenty of customization, so you can create a unique blend of these three elements to meet your hair goals. Choose between these five color variations we've gathered as inspiration for your next hair refresh.

Add delicate rosy tips

There's no single way to pull off the blush latte look, so feel free to get creative and indulge in the rosy component of this richly layered shade. Ask your stylist for a creamy blond tone, but consider dyeing your ends a cream soda shade of pink to enhance the dimensional aspect of this trend. Peach-pink tips are a great way to uplift a subtler cut or style, especially cropped or short lengths. Moreover, dyeing your tips naturally brings life to your complexion and complements pink-toned makeup, including blush, gloss, and eyeshadow.

You can't go wrong with blush blond

Aim for a petal pink shade if you prefer base or single-color dye. This results in a subtler blond with stronger notes of pink, though it remains true to the trend. A monochromatic blush blond look is perfect for spring and summer, as it evokes memories of soft, pink sunrises and blossoming flowers.

Consider rosy highlights

If you love the idea of adding hints of pink to complement your blond tresses but are searching for an option that falls somewhere between one-dimensional color and simple dyed tips, ask your stylist for highlights or partial highlights. Just make sure you understand the difference between partial and full highlights before booking your appointment. Or, for a subtler effect, consider the softer teasylight option.

Indulge in a blush latte balayage

For those eager to try something new but concerned about maintaining high-maintenance hairstyles and colors, rest assured that there's a stylist-approved solution for this quandary: the balayage. Blond balayages are one of the few hair color techniques designed to be low-maintenance due to its freehand technique and natural finish. For a blush latte balayage, ask your stylist to weave pale pink tones throughout your hair by mixing peach-pink hues in your color concoction.

Opt for more blond than blush

Not everyone will gravitate toward the "blush" aspect of the blush latte trend. Instead, some may wish to stick to a more traditional blond. In this case, experiment with a full base color dye with creamy blond and barely there traces of pink. Whether you prefer a monochromatic look or trendy sun-kissed spongelights, this distinct shade of blond will definitely make an impression.