Why You Should Try An Avocado Hair Mask & How To Do One At Home, According To Our Hairstylist

We know eating avocados is great for our health, as they're dense in folate, vitamins (such as B6), and healthy fats that help combat heart disease. And there's no shortage of what you can make with them — from guacamole to avocado toast, this versatile fruit has no limits. Likewise, you may also know that they're good for your hair. When ingested, avocados' nutrients help keep your strands strong and glossy and may even promote hair growth.

Avocados can work wonders from the outside as well. Many beauty gurus mash them up to make DIY face masks, but you may not have thought about applying them to your hair. To understand the benefits of avocado hair masks better, Gliz spoke exclusively to fashion and red carpet hair and makeup artist Luna Viola. "Avocado is rich in natural oils and vitamins and is very moisturizing when added to hair products. We usually hear that avocado has 'good fats' for eating, [but] it also has 'good fats' for hair," Viola explained to Gliz. While you can also use avocado oil for soft, smooth hair, Viola revealed why you should apply the fruit directly to your hair.

Avocado masks nurture your hair 'from the inside out'

If you need to revive your hair, you may want to try an avocado treatment straight from the source. "Raw avocado has the natural ability to penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing the hair from the inside out, unlike other avocado-infused products," Luna Viola exclusively shared with Gliz. The hair and makeup expert added, "The fact that avocado is also a natural source of biotin, among many other properties, makes it a very inexpensive and organic way to condition the hair, especially for very dry or curly textured hair."

Biotin is crucial for hair and skin health because it makes keratin, a protein found naturally in your hair, nails, and skin that helps keep them strong. Avocados are full of this healthy vitamin, with one fruit packing 1.85 micrograms minimum of biotin. Making an avocado hair mask is incredibly simple, and you don't need many ingredients to reap its benefits.

How to make an at-home avocado mask

You don't need a fancy store-bought avocado hair mask for healthy locks. In our exclusive chat, Luna Viola shared an easy recipe that uses ingredients you probably already have at home. "The best homemade avocado mask is made by scooping the inside flesh of the avocado and mixing it with olive oil and a little bit of honey," Viola told us. "I like to add lemon juice to it for extra shine. Leave it on for up to an hour on pre-shampooed hair."

For extra nourishment, you can even add an egg yolk to your avocado hair mask. Simply mash the avocado in a bowl, and mix in one egg yolk and a few teaspoons of honey. Then, smear the mixture on slightly wet hair. We suggest slipping a shower cap on over your hair to prevent the mask from transferring onto your clothes while you wait for it to work its magic for about half an hour. You don't want to leave your hair mask on for too long, so after your half-hour is up, wash the mask out of your hair. You should be left with soft, touchable tresses once cleaned up.