Our Best Outfit Ideas For Hitting A Country Concert In Cold Weather

You may have your summertime country concert outfits down to a T, all built upon your favorite daisy dukes. But what about a folksy Western show in the winter? Tickets to a cold-weather country concert may have you staring blankly at your closet, but the same basics of country fashion — denim, flannel, and cowgirl boots — still apply. Plus, layering is your best friend, as are the intentional details of your country getup.

Fringe, turquoise jewelry, a statement belt, snakeskin — even if you're somewhat bundled up to stay comfortable in the wind and lower temps, these are the country-wear details that can elevate your show-going vibe in a big way. There are many avenues to get creative with your cold-weather country concert wear, and most of them won't require much shopping beyond the country staples you already own. No one wants to shiver through a set, but sacrificing your country aesthetic obviously isn't an option, either. Luckily, you can have it both ways.

Try country accessories over a maxi dress

A maxi dress composed of a thick material is a smart base to build your cute country look upon. You can easily wear added layers underneath a maxi, like tights or even fleece-lined leggings if you're in an area with super frigid weather. From there, you can piece together a Western style with iconic country accessories. A cowgirl hat and boots are obvious picks that will instantly transform your look. "Country feels like it has definitely changed in the last few years ... but it is always fun to include that typical or traditional country element," New York-based stylist Gloria Cospito told USA Today's Reviewed. These classic items are the bridge between all generations of country fans, so you'll fit right in with your favorite boots, even if you style the rest of the outfit more uniquely.

Next, try a statement belt with silver detailing for a Western vibe around your waist. Then, you can elevate your look with a scarf or bandana and a cozy cardigan or denim jacket. Smaller details and accessories, like turquoise and sterling silver earrings, will tie the aesthetic together perfectly, and you should stay relatively warm.

A classic denim-on-denim look is a reliable go-to

Another surefire route to a cozy country getup is the iconic denim-on-denim look. This style gives you plenty of room to layer, and you can opt for oversized denim to keep you warm. A denim maxi skirt with a denim button-up vest makes for a perfectly Western vibe and works well as a starting canvas for your country 'fit. You could add a denim jacket or a cozy, oversized flannel, but cowgirl boots are still the obvious footwear choice.

Classic flared or straight-leg jeans and a denim jacket would be another clear pick, as it doesn't get much more country than that. The double-denim look may not need as much accessorizing to identify as Western, but statement belts, silver jewelry, and cowgirl hats take the look that much further. A paisley or floral prairie dress offers a more feminine touch on Western fashion, and converting the outfit to a cold weather option is simple with tights and a lined denim jacket.

Essentially, you won't want to opt for cut-offs or a denim miniskirt in colder temperatures, but there are still many avenues to look pretty as a peach for your next cold-weather country concert. After all, the country-Western aesthetic is the fashion gift that keeps on giving

Try a Penny Lane-inspired outfit

There are a few different angles to approach the country aesthetic from, and if the classic Western style isn't your cup of tea, you can always take the folksy route. An iconic Penny Lane-inspired sherpa jacket and high-waisted jeans will keep you extra cozy at any cold-weather country concert. The '70s style charm and earthy vibe of a look like this will allow you to blend right in -– but with your own unique flair. Cowgirl boots or a cowgirl hat could easily take this style up a notch, but the ensemble works beautifully without added accessories, too. Warmth and style are the goals here, and this look checks both boxes.

You can also let your inner cowgirl come out through your hair and makeup. Braids, loose curls, pale blue eyeshadow, and faux freckles would elevate your folksy look subtly and spot-on with the style.

Keep it simple and sleek with leather

Studs, fringe, and rhinestones are a swift route to take your look from casual to country. Try wearing an embellished leather jacket with a pair of wide-legged or flared jeans to keep you warm at your next wintertime country concert. Layers, like leggings, can always be discreetly worn under looser-fitting jeans, making them a great option to keep warm without sacrificing your style. With simpler Western outfits, accessories are your golden key. Sterling silver statement belts, turquoise jewelry, bandanas, tooled leather purses, flowers, or bows in your hair –- don't be afraid to let your creativity flow when donning your folksy 'fit.

As mentioned earlier, putting together a country-Western outfit for a cold-weather country likely won't require much shopping outside of the steady basics you already own, like denim and flannel. The path to keeping both your style and comfort in check is all in layering and accessorizing.