Does Ghee Have Beauty Benefits? We Asked An Esthetician

The South Asian community has long touted the skin-boosting benefits of ghee, aka clarified butter. Ghee is also commonly referred to as liquid gold, as it tastes delicious and remains a popular home remedy for health issues and skin concerns. This rich fat is also a healing ingredient in Indian Ayurvedic medicine thanks to its nutrient-rich properties. In Western culture, ghee serves different uses. For instance, those with dairy sensitivities, such as lactose intolerance, often gravitate toward it as a low-lactose butter alternative.

However, many people remain unaware of the skincare benefits this traditional remedy has to offer. Because of this, Gliz spoke to Gregory Dylan, a licensed esthetician of 25 years and the owner of Gregory Dylan Skincare, to find out how adding ghee to your skincare routine can help your skin. "Ghee is an effective natural moisturizer that helps to lock hydration into the skin while giving it a healthy glow," Dylan shared with Gliz in an exclusive chat. "Its rich texture and dewy finish make it ideal for dryer and mature skin types who need a boost of moisture to plump up fine lines while adding radiance." If your moisturizer isn't up to snuff anymore, perhaps you should consider this all-natural beauty remedy.

Ghee offers several skincare advantages

Along with its moisturizing benefits, ghee supports the skin by aiding in barrier repair. "Ghee contains high levels of essential fatty acids that help with barrier repair and soothing," Gregory Dylan exclusively told Gliz. "It is also rich in multi-vitamins and squalane that provide anti-oxidant benefits that help to protect from environmental damage." In other words, ghee's vitamin-rich composition protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and ultraviolet (UV) rays, which contribute to premature aging and sun damage.

"While these ingredients occur naturally in ghee and are certainly beneficial, keep in mind that your store-bought products are more focused, concentrated treatments and more transformative depending on what your concerns and goals are," Dylan added. As such, the products designed for healing barrier damage may yield better results than ghee alone. In this case, Dylan recommended taking advantage of scientifically formulated products on the market, as a high-quality barrier repair cream will help repair compromised skin best.

How to incorporate ghee into your skincare routine

That said, if you choose to experiment with ghee in your skincare routine, there are a few tips to keep in mind. According to Gregory Dylan, those with dry and mature skin receive the greatest benefits from adding ghee to their beauty regimen. "An oily or acne-prone skin will likely find it too rich and it could cause issues with pore clogging and breakouts," Dylan explained during our exclusive chat.

Moreover, Dylan shared his expert advice on the types of products that work best when used in tandem with ghee. "Since ghee is a richer texture, a lightweight serum for layering underneath is an ideal companion," he told Gliz. "The layering will not only help to bind the serum in the skin but will also help prevent trans-epidermal water loss while increasing the penetration of the serum." What's more, Dylan revealed how you can use ghee's moisturizing benefits by applying it to other areas of the body, including the lips, cuticles, hands, and feet. And as any esthetician worth their salt does, Dylan completed his expert advice with the reminder to use sunscreen at the end of your everyday routine. 

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