Bow Stacking Is The Unique Way To Elevate A Basic Trend

What do you get when you blend the ultra-feminine look with seductive Victorian elegance? Think "Bridgerton" meets "Barbie," and you have the alluring coquette aesthetic. From transitioning the coquette aesthetic to winter to rocking the coquette trend in all of your fashions, we know all too well how popular this aesthetic has been in recent years.

Evidenced by more than 6 million Instagram posts having the hashtag #bow, the humble accessory is claiming a rightful spot in the coquette aesthetic and adding a touch of innocence and playfulness to it. Fashion historians are quick to acknowledge bows' charm, too. Adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology Summer Anne Lee told Refinery29, "Bows add visual interest and dimension to an outfit. To achieve a certain level of femininity, frilliness, and frivolity... bows seem to be the perfect thing."

Just one bow isn't enough in 2024, though. Enter bow stacking, aka using several bows in your looks. From oversized bows in your hair to dainty bow details on dresses — and from larger-than-life bows on handbags to re-imagined suspenders — this charming accessory effortlessly complements the Victorian-inspired allure, becoming a must-have for those embracing the latest dernier cri fashion trends.

Hair bows are inherently romantic

Nothing is more feminine or romantic than adding a few bows to your hair. From multiple mini bow hair clips to garlands and headpieces adorned with bigger bows, the coquettish allure is undeniable. Elevate a basic hairstyle with a dash of romanticism akin to the enchanting imagery found in the Brontë sisters' literary world with the humble bow that speaks volumes without uttering a word.

The basic floor-length skirt, revamped

We all have a basic maxi skirt in our closet that we wear from time to time but don't love. Well, now is the best time to revamp it and add some coquette extravaganza with a pair of statement bows that'll impress everyone who sees you. If you want others to take a double take and add the wow factor to a basic ensemble, cute statement bows are your go-to option. After all, 2024's go-to aesthetic includes bows, roses, and everything pink.

The ponytail with a Victorian twist

Hair bows are the accessory of the moment, so if you want to get in on the bow-stacking trend, you may want to turn toward your ponytail. Stylist Shea Daspin has her own theory about why the trend is so popular, telling Today, "Everyone knows #Barbiecore has passed, but [we] still want a sense of unabashed femininity now that it is socially acceptable. ... Coquette-core and its bows represent a softer but just as powerful sense of girl-ish femininity." Elevating your hairstyle is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get in on the trend, and a basic ponytail with a Victorian twist can help you embrace your feminine side quickly and easily.

Boring suspenders? No more!

Feminine menswear is the winter 2024 fashion trend we can't get enough of, especially when we add extra feminine touches. Bow stacking brings the wow factor to your ensemble and elevates basic suspenders by turning a menswear look into a stunningly feminine one. Incorporate playful bows on tailored silhouettes to achieve a chic style that challenges traditional gender norms and celebrates a fusion of sophistication and feminine allure.

Beautify your polka-dot dress

Polka dots are the retro print coming back into fashion favor — but with a twist. Honestly, polka-dot dresses, while cute, can be pretty basic, so how can you merge the classic print with the new trend? Enter bow stacking. All you need to elevate this dress is a few white bows, and voila! Your 'fit gets as chic as they come. Add a touch of playfulness to your everyday ensemble and embrace the polka-dot mani to elevate your style rather effortlessly. 

If the shoe fits...

Cinderella meets the coquette aesthetic with bow-stacked shoes. Pretty basic shoes, yes, but with the addition of a bow? It's a complete game-changer! So, if the shoe fits, wear it, especially if the rest of your ensemble features bows. That's our cheat code: If your shoes only have one bow but you're wearing bows elsewhere, too, you're bow stacking. As Carrie Bradshaw said in "Sex and the City," "The fact is, sometimes it's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes. That's why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun." And what can be more fun than a dashing bow on a pair of shoes?

The basic cardigan, elevated

As we ditch our heavy coats and introduce lighter cardigans for spring, we can seamlessly incorporate the bow-stacking trend into our daywear. Multi-colored bows elevate a basic white cardigan and add a playful and whimsical touch to your spring ensemble, turning a simple outfit into a fashion statement. Whether neatly aligned or casually scattered, the bow-stacking trend allows you to express your style while embracing the season's vibrant colors.