Rhinestone Nails Are Bringing Bling To Your Manicure In Spring 2024

Spring is the season of budding warmth, new life, vivid color, and lots of shine (sunshine and otherwise). This is why spring tends to create the most lively (and colorful) trends around, inspiring the season's enthusiasts to wear everything from floral prints to colors way outside of their comfort palette. And in addition to all that vivid color, many bring out the big guns (otherwise known as the bling) to accessorize their seasonal style. And this doesn't only mean golden and silver jewelry — it also means bedazzling as much of yourself as you can. Your nails, for example, should be prepped and ready for this spring's rhinestone trends.

Let's be straight: Rhinestone nails are never a bad idea and can be worn comfortably in everyday life. So, while people usually reserve nail gems and rhinestones for holiday parties, glizorous events, or birthdays, they're more versatile than you may think. Wearing them this spring, for no reason other than celebrating the season, will convince you of it. In fact, according to celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein, nail studding and rhinestones are all you need to spice up your nails. "This is making a big comeback ... " she told Who What Wear. You can bling up your manicure in spring 2024 with these six rhinestone variations.

Silver on nude

If your style tends to err on the side of neutrals and nudes, even during the spring, then you might think that this trend isn't for you. In reality, this trend has space for everyone, even the low-key gliz girls who know their comfort color palette and are loyal to it. Silver gems on basic nude nails, anyone?

A classic (and classy) opaque nude base with some minimal silver gems scattered strategically will achieve that precarious balance between understated shine and striking sparkle. For that truly timeless look, go for some medium-length almond-shaped nails.

Rainbow gems on neutral nails

Some low-key, neutral-loving girls embody duality. They can love the simplicity of a nude nails moment, while still craving the fun color element that is so popular during the spring. This trend allows you to embrace both at once. How? You guessed right: Rhinestones and nail accents over neutral nail polish are exactly what you need if you experience this annual spring-time manicure dilemma.

Pick your favorite neutral nail polish (nude tends to be the most elegant) and embellish this simple manicure with small, subtle nail gems in different colors for a rainbow look.

Golden gliz and gems

Gold girls thrive during the heat of summer when the sunshine brings out the sparkle of their favorite metal. And while this might be true, the spring has just as much sunshine to go around, and your golden polish will benefit from it.

Apply your favorite shade of plain gold or golden glitter and add as many rhinestones as you want on top. The gems can be any color and size, according to your tastes. Plus, if you want that gemstone-encrusted gold jewelry look, adding building gel underneath can help create that 3D illusion.

All the gems

How many gems are too many? Trick question! You can never have enough gems, especially if you're as extra with your nail designs as spring is with its colorful flowers. And the good thing about gems is they won't contribute to your springtime allergies.

For your rhinestones to really pop, keep your base simple. Either a neutral base — variations of white and cream will do — or a glassy clear base will let your nail gems be the center of attention. Tip: The longer the nails, the more rhinestones you can fit.

Birthday stones

One adorable way to personalize your spring rhinestone nails is to make them a reflection of yourself. Birthstones, for instance, are the most personal you can get with this particular trend.

If you don't know your birthstone, the answer is one internet search away. Every month has its own birthstone, so look up your birth month's particular stone and pull up a picture for your nail artist (or yourself) to find a match. Be extra by adding them to all your nails, or keep it cool by having only one nail accented by your rhine(birth)stone.

Colorful gems on classic French

This wouldn't be a good nail trend if you couldn't adapt it to the people's favorite manicure: classic white French tips. Although it is common to see this manicure in its most basic form for its elegance and simplicity, sometimes the occasion (and in this case, the season) calls for more spice.

Add more color and liveliness to your French tip manicure by layering your favorite style of nail gems on top. And if you make them rainbow-colored, they'll stand out even more against the white and neutral base of this classic mani.