The Easiest Cut-Crease Hack Is Going Viral On TikTok & It'll Make Your Eyes Next-Level

Cut-crease eyeshadow has been around for so long, it's hard to remember how the trend started. Made popular in the 1960s by Twiggy and Cher, the dramatic look has since been seen everywhere from the runways to drag makeup. The cut-crease is not for those who want a soft, blended eye. Instead of a gradual smokiness on the crease of the lids, there's a sharp demarcation right above the crease with a light color on the lids. This creates the illusion of bigger eyes, which are usually finished by a sharp winged liner for a snatched look.

Perfecting the cut-crease eyeshadow technique does take a bit of time and effort to master. There are several steps involved, and you have to get the crease just right. Too high, and it'll ruin the optical illusion. If it's placed too low, you won't be able to see the effect. Since everyone's eyes are shaped differently, it's not always easy to follow along with a tutorial. Luckily, there's a way to cut-crease your eyes that's tailored just for you, and it's a surprisingly simple hack that stamps your crease with your concealer. 

Line your eyes with concealer for the perfect cut-crease

If you're new to the cut-crease game and struggle with placement, TikTok user @sydneyslayyyz has a quick and easy approach to getting it just right. Before you get to the crease part, you need to prep your lids. First, cover your whole eye area with primer and concealer. Next, smoke out your eyes with eyeshadow. @syndeyslayyyz used a mixture of medium and dark browns, making sure to blend for a seamless look. Once you have your shadows on, it's time for the ingenious hack. She placed some concealer on the back of her hand and swiped a flat synthetic brush along it. The makeup influencer then thinly lined the inner half of her eyes in the product and rolled her eyes until the line transferred above her crease. "That is going to be the perfect cut-crease every single time," she told the camera.

Once you have the line, finish off your eye makeup by filling in the inner half of your lids with concealer. Tap the edges with your fingers to blend the makeup in with your eyeshadow. Go over the concealer area with a light shadow to set it and finish your eyes off by using your dark shadow to blend the inner and outer halves of your lids. While this is one of the easiest hacks to get that perfect contour, for a slightly more advanced technique, there's another trick you can try using a concealer and an eyelash curler.

Your eyelash curler can help guide your cut-crease placement

The never-ending popularity of cut-crease eye makeup is bound to inspire makeup lovers to come up with countless hacks. TikTok user @isabellrrose found a handy way to use her eyelash curler as a guide to draw a line right above her natural crease. Once it was in place, she used the same eyeliner to draw a smudged wing for a simple cut-crease look.

Beauty YouTuber Smitha Deepak used the same hack for a more elaborate cut-crease eye. After creating soft, smoky eyes using neutral shades, she dipped the top edge of her eyelash curler into some concealer smudged on the back of her hand. It's important to use a curler with a smooth, rounded edge, rather than one with an uneven design to get that natural curve. Lightly stamp the eyelash curler onto your lid, making sure to line it up with the inner corner of your eyes, and you'll be left with a clear line to guide your cut-crease. Fill in your lids with the concealer but skip the outer edges so you don't go over your eyeshadow. 

For a pretty nighttime look, create a glitter cut-crease by using a light shimmery color on the inner half of your lids and blend in a darker color on the outer corners. Give your eyes some wings with a liquid liner, follow it up with a set of falsies, and you'll be ready to step out with the most electric cut-crease eyes.